Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Horror News: Zombie Does Halloween

A couple posts down I told you that Rob Zombie was rumored to be attached to the upcoming Halloween 9 project. Well today it turns out to be the truth, even though on Saturday Zombie completely denied being involved with the project at all. Tricky tricky.

However, the flick is not to be Halloween 9 & it will not be a prequel or a sequel but rather a "re-imaging" of the original flick.

Err... Now I love the idea that Zombie is taking this job, but why mess with the original? Remember what happened when they "re-imaged" Dawn of the Dead in 2004??? Yeah... it didn't hold a candle in the wind next to the original. So I don't exactly know my position on this just yet. I'll make up my mind as more info leaks.


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